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We left Juneau on April 29.  Spent a day with the Baxter Family in Tacoma.  Next we flew to Palm Springs to pick up our truck and trailer.  Everything was fine with the rig.  No bugs, mice or other critters had been inside over the three months we left it there.  We drove to the Palm Springs Oasis RV Resort to spend a few days getting groceries, truck and trailer washed and generally preparing for the trip to Idaho.  We took no photos until Mesquite, Nevada where Garrey posed (terrible picture of him!) with Al and Joanne Allison (great picture of them!)  We spent a few days in Las Vegas before going to Mesquite.  Went to a few casinos and left them with a small amount of money as a token of our appreciation for the entertainment.

After Mesquite, our next stop was Springdale, UT, just outside Zion National Park.  We were awed by this area from the first time we saw it.  Decided to spend 4 days and 5 nights here hiking and sightseeing in the park.  Click on the following photos for a larger view.

5-07101Allisons.jpg (1305714 bytes)
Al & Joanne & Garrey in Mesquite

5-07102Trailer at Zion.jpg (1544918 bytes)
The trailer parked at Zion Canyon RV Park

5-07103Zion 1.jpg (1390719 bytes)
A typical view from our trailer of the sandstone mountains of Zion
5-07104GrottoWalk.jpg (1857208 bytes)
We hiked on the Grotto Trail to the Emerald Pools Trail
5-07105GrottoWalk.jpg (1676818 bytes)
More Grotto Trail Scenery
5-07106ZionDrive2.jpg (1276265 bytes)
There is a terrible road and unimaginable Carmel Tunnel through the mountain that we went out of our way to see
5-07107ZionDrive3.jpg (1501988 bytes)
The drive to and through the tunnel offered lots of photo opportunities.
5-07108ZionDrive4.jpg (1443483 bytes)
Here's photo  #3 The mountains on the back side of Zion Canyon are made of shale 


5-07109ZionDrive1.jpg (1157589 bytes)
 #4 Shale with tops of oxidized lime
5-07ZionDrive5.jpg (1350353 bytes)
 #5 Beautiful mountains
5-07ZionDrive6.jpg (2157719 bytes)
 #6 Spectacular mountains
5-07ZionPatriarchs.jpg (1660002 bytes)
Back to Zion Canyon. These peaks are named The Patriarchs: Abraham, Isaac, & Jacob
5-07ZionPatriarchs2.jpg (1852895 bytes)
This is a patriarch only in his own mind
5-07110RiverWalk.jpg (1896440 bytes)
On our last day we hiked the River Walk at the end of Zion Canyon called  the Temple of Sinawava
5-07111RiverWalk.jpg (1279132 bytes)
From here on, hikers must walk in the 40 degree  water.  We've done that before and decided not to do it today.
000_0369.jpg (957256 bytes)

A spotted towhee or painted redstart

100_0158.jpg (1567831 bytes)
The Virgin River looking south that makes the park so beautiful
100_0167.jpg (1797281 bytes)
The Virgin River looking north from the same bridge
5-07ZionFlowers2.jpg (1322830 bytes)
An unidentified white flower
000_0383.jpg (756016 bytes)
yellow columbine
5-07ZionFlowers1.jpg (2033739 bytes)
prickly pear cactus
BrighamCity (2).jpg (1403944 bytes)
A view from the Utah Lake RV park along the Provo River in Provo
BrighamCity (1).jpg (1558706 bytes)
Can you find our trailer in the Brigham City RV park?
BrighamCity.jpg (1049917 bytes)
View across the road from BC RV park
TwinFallsBridge.jpg (1744740 bytes)
Twin Falls, ID Perrine Bridge 475' above the Snake River


SnakeRiverCanyon.jpg (1560463 bytes)
Snake River Canyon near the spot where Evel Knievel tried to jump his motorcycle and crashed to the bottom instead. Thus proving a whole bunch of things.
SFalls1.jpg (1402300 bytes)
Shoshone Falls 212' to the canyon floor
SFalls2.jpg (1619976 bytes)
Shoshone Falls
SunValley01.jpg (1121344 bytes)
Taking a walk in Healy, ID
SunValley1.1.jpg (2078882 bytes)
Hemingway Memorial looking toward Sun Valley
SunValley2.jpg (1761832 bytes)
Sun Valley swans and 3 baby swans
SunValley4.jpg (1913592 bytes)
A blooming crab apple tree on Gates Drive near Mt. Baldy in Ketchum
SunValley5.jpg (1504928 bytes)
We were happy to see a red wing black bird
SunValley6.jpg (778189 bytes)
We were happy to go to a wonderful breakfast & visit at Lee & Bob Grogan's in Ketchum, ID
NP1.jpg (667864 bytes)
A country scene along Hwy 20, ID
NP4.jpg (755352 bytes)
Another scene on a beautiful day
NP5.jpg (871494 bytes)
3rd country scene
NP6.jpg (1325635 bytes)
Rattlesnake Stage stop on way to Mountain Home
NP7.jpg (1064694 bytes)
Garrey leaving the outhouse in Owyhee Canyon & Antelope Reservoir in Oregon
NP8.jpg (1025198 bytes)
Bruce & Marianne Cumming's Ranch in New Plymouth, ID
NP9.jpg (1832768 bytes)
Pond and birds at the Cummings ranch
NP11.jpg (1239873 bytes)
Dominic & Dania Marianne & Bruce's grandchildren
NP12.jpg (1144844 bytes)
Dania in the Mule.
NP13.jpg (1101622 bytes)
Bruce's rig at the Paddock Valley Reservoir
NP15.jpg (1284421 bytes)
Looking south at Paddock Valley Reservoir
NP16.jpg (1074873 bytes)
Bruce & Karen taking the jet engine Mokai for a spin on the lake
NP17.jpg (985244 bytes)
Going to scare up water fowl on the lake.  The white pelicans were my favorite.
NP18.jpg (1212031 bytes) Marianne & Sage, Bruce & Mandy