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My new book, Magic All Around, features several important canine characters and those who know me are not surprised by this; I am a dog person.  I am the sort of dog person who puts her dog on her answering machine, takes her dog to get his photo taken with Santa and even celebrates her dogsí birthday on June 15.  I try to integrate my dog into almost every aspect of my life.  He helps me in the kitchen by closing cupboards, drawers and the refrigerator.  He helps with the grocery shopping by turning the receipts into puppy spitballs and he sleeps in my bed at night.  He doesnít like to feel left out.  Sometimes I go places where he has to wait in the car and he lets the world know he objects by honking the horn (yes, really).  This is why Jeb has his own spot here on my webpage.  And, because he helped write all the dog parts in my book. 


Jebís Biography
How we got our four-footed love child

Jeb is a Juneau dog.  Born on a boat in Aurora Harbor on June 15, 2011, Jeb spent his first couple months with his mom (a blue nosed pit/American Staffordshire mix) and his seven litter-mates.  Jeb and several of his sibs then moved to Gastineau Humane Society and thatís where I met him on October 11.  I interviewed Jeb and three of the other pups from his litter to conduct some elementary puppy testing.  Of the pups I met with, Jeb was the most curious and least shy of strangers and unfamiliar stimuli.  My husband and I were looking for a dog that would be inquisitive and confident but not too willful.  Jeb seemed like the perfect match for us and we finalized the adoption and brought him home the following day.

Following in the pawsteps of our previous dog (the late, great and deeply beloved lab/pit mix Cavall) was a big job for a puppy, but Jeb was up to the task and wagged his way right into our hearts.

Six days after Jeb came home, my friend Debbie adopted one of Jebís littermates, Cailey.  Debbie and I met and became friends about sixteen years ago through our previous dogs who played together at Sandy Beach and became best friends, so this adoption news was tremendously exciting.  Jeb and Cailey have frequent play dates and Debbie has done a lot of work to track down more information about the pupsí family.  In fact, two of the other pups from the litter attended the one-year birthday party.  If you are curious to learn more about Jebís genealogy or see photos of his littermates, check out the link here to Caileyís Family Page.      

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