Where can I buy Magic All Around?                                                           

Magic All Around is now available in digital and paperback formats through Amazon!  Magic All Around is also available in paperback at Juneau's Hearthside Books!


When will the sequel to Magic All Around be available?

I am working on the sequel to Magic All Around but don't have a release date yet.  If you’d like to receive updates about my writing, please send me an e-mail at marcylpeska@gmail.com


How long have you lived in Juneau, Alaska?

I first came to Juneau with my parents when I was about seven months old.  I spent several years of my childhood living here and I returned here, permanently, in 1991.


Why do you write about your protagonists’ bathroom so much?

From the time I was ten until I was 19, I lived in a very small and isolated community in southern Southeast Alaska called Edna Bay.  We did not have running water or electricity and that pioneer lifestyle instilled in me an abiding appreciation for such luxuries.  Curious about my childhood in "bush" Alaska?  Check out my memoir Headbuckets & Hashtags available now on Amazon Kindle


Do you like to read?

I am a voracious reader and rarely read for less than two hours a day.  I enjoy a broad spectrum of fiction and non-fiction genres but rely most heavily on science-fiction and fantasy.


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