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Many thanks to the Grindstone Island Research and Heritage Center ( for  information about the Calhoun, Garnsey and Titus families.  Any errors in transcribing their research data are my fault, not theirs.  GP

For many years the Calhoun and Garnsey families lived on Grindstone Island in the St. Lawrence River.  The southern shore of the island is three miles from New York State.  The northern shore is three miles from Canada.  My Aunt Louise Calhoun Greenwald was born on Grindstone Island in 1894.  In a 1986 taped interview she talked about her memories of Grindstone Island and the families that lived there.  

Click here for excerpts from that interview

Elmer Calhoun's parents
Samuel and Nancy Clark Calhoun

Elmer and Emma Garnsey Calhoun

Emma Garnsey Calhoun's parents
Moses and Louisa Mitchell Garnsey

Left to right:  Evylena, Lenora "Noni" and Estelle "Teddy" Calhoun

Left to right:  Evylena Calhoun Daly,
Mae Emma Calhoun Snoap,
Louise Calhoun Greenwald, 
Estelle "Teddy" Calhoun VanDyk

 Right to left:  Wellington " Bill" Calhoun, his sister Evylena Calhoun Daly and Bill's wife Lola

This photo of the Calhoun family was taken in 1925, probably at Christmas time.

(Left to right)

Top Row: Garret Van Dyk, Eric Greenwald, Alexander Snoap, Carl Snider, John Dailey, Wellington Calhoun

Second Row from Top: Lola Calhoun holding Paul, Evylena Calhoun Dailey, Louise Calhoun Greenwald holding Jacqueline, Mae Calhoun Snoap holding Lorraine, Estelle Calhoun Van Dyk holding Donna, Lenora Calhoun Snider holding Carl Jr.

Third Row from Top: Doris Calhoun, Emma Greenwald, Evylena Greenwald, Elmer Calhoun holding Joyce Snider, Betty Snoap, Emma Calhoun holding Bonnie Snoap, Marjorie Greenwald, Louise Calhoun, George Calhoun

Front Row: Kenneth Calhoun, Catherine Snoap, Leonard Snoap

Elmer Calhoun was a builder in Grand Rapids, Michigan.  He worked on construction of the wooden roller coaster at Ramona Park on the shore of Reeds Lake in Grand Rapids, Michigan.  Click on a thumbnail photo below to see the larger size.

Elmeronrollercoaster2.jpg (287025 bytes)
Roller Coaster Construction Crew

ElmerBuildingDowntownGrRapids[2].jpg (591003 bytes)
Building Construction Downtown Grand Rapids

elmerhorse.jpg (59983 bytes)
With the family work horse