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(Also see Mike Alexander's Genealogy Web site for more information about the Joseph Roberts family.)

    My great-great-grandfather Joseph Roberts was born on December 6, 1797 in North Carolina and died April 1, 1854.  His grave is in the Joseph Roberts Family Cemetery at Mine Lick Creek, Putnam County, Tennessee.  His father's name was William "Bill" Roberts.  Bill Roberts' was in North Carolina in 1742.

According to the 1820 census,  23 year old Joseph Roberts was a farmer living at Mine Lick Creek with his wife and 3 children.  

    Joseph Roberts' first wife, Rachel Smith was born April 9, 1797 in North Carolina and died January 13, 1848 her grave is also in the Joseph Roberts cemetery.

    Their son (my great-grandfather) Joseph Denton "Dent" Roberts was born April 8, 1838.  "Dent" Roberts married Silvia "Silvy" Smith who was born in Tennessee on December 13, 1847 and died March 21, 1926.  Their graves and that of their son Joseph M. Roberts are in the Dent Roberts Cemetery, near Silver Point, Tennessee.

    Dent and Silvy Roberts' daughter (my grand-mother) Silvas J. "Janie" Roberts was born April 26, 1880.  She died March 25, 1966 in Sparta, Tennessee.  She married Marshall Jasper Bennett in 1900.  Marshall Bennett was born September 7, 1875 and died April 25, 1951.  Their son Vestel Bennett, born in 1920, was my father.  When I was three my Dad left us and did not return.  Forty years later I met him.  He did not want to have a relationship with me for his own reasons but our meeting was the beginning of my discovery of branches of my family tree I had known nothing about.  My Bennett and Roberts cousins in central Tennessee have introduced me to the family I never knew.  I'm happy to have found them all.

     Joseph Denton "Dent" Roberts served in the Civil War.  He, his brother Henry  and Henry's son Joseph enlisted in the Union Army's Company I, 5th Tennessee Cavalry in Nashville on November 24, 1862.  Within weeks, Henry's son Joseph died from "chronic diarrhea" in a Nashville military hospital.  

     A month after enlisting, Dent and Henry Roberts found themselves, along with their brother Francis Marion Roberts (also a soldier in Company  I*) fighting for their lives in  the Battle of Stone's River.  Click here for more on Joseph "Dent" Roberts' Civil War service.

Joseph Denton Roberts (4/8/1838 - 4/10/1901))
Silvia (Silvy) Smith-Roberts  (12/13/1847 - 3/21/1926)

     According to Cousin Tommy Roberts, some Smith descendants say that Silvy's mother was Isabelle Hargett.  Silvy's father, Charles Smith was first married to Dittamus/Didama (possibly an Indian name). He married Isabelle Hargett on December 24, 1847.  

     If Charles Smith and Isabelle Hargett-Smith were Silvy's parents, then Silvy was born out of wedlock 11 days before the wedding.  If Dittamus/Didama was Silvy's mother then there might be Indian blood in the family.  Both possibilities might have been considered dark family secrets.  We'll probably never be certain.

     Grave Markers at Dent Roberts Cemetery, near Silver Point off Old Baxter Road (Hwy. 56).  On the old farm of William E. Christian, Putman County, Tennessee.

     A separate marker acknowledges Jos. D. Roberts' service in Co. I,  5th Tennessee Cavalry, USA.

*  Thanks to Cousin Tommy Roberts for information about the Roberts family and his Great-Grandfather Francis Marion Roberts.

See Mike Alexander's Genealogy Web site for more information about the Joseph Roberts family.