Magic All Around

Meet Vivian Marshall, an introverted artist from Juneau, Alaska.  Painting, cooking, hot baths and quiet evenings make Vivian happy.  Neighbors with poor boundaries, her mom's coven-style living arrangement and dogs make her unhappy.  When Vivian moves into a new apartment, she finds her sensible life turned topsy-turvy by dogs, a pony-tailed landlord and an inconvenient prophesy.  Vivian is about to learn that there is magic all around!

If you love Southeast Alaska, weredogs, selkies, mysterious shape-changing boxes or tales of adventure and self-discovery, give this rollicking fantasy a whirl.

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Now available in paperback at Juneau's Hearthside Books or through Amazon.




Head Buckets & Hashtags

Originally written in a series of candid tweets, Head Buckets & Hashtags unfolds in tantalizing snippets of 140 characters or less.  In turns amusing and harrowing, this gritty recounting of a childhood in the Alaskan "bush" captures Ms. Peska's spirit of resilience as she copes with poverty, illness and abuse.

Each day at noon, for 15 days in March 2013, Ms. Peska took to Twitter and shared her story with "tweeps".  Now in this short memoir, she's sharing it with you!
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